Serving the World

Main Conference: July 2, 3, 4, 2012
Doctoral Consortium: June 29 - 30, 2012
Welcome Reception: July 1
Optional Excursion, July 5

Special Sessions

During the conference we have a number of special sessions. There will be plenary sessions and semi-plenary sessions of 1 hour. We also have invited sessions which have the same length as a regular session (1.5 hours) and consist of three speakers. Both the semi-plenary sessions and the invited sessions are centered around special topics and can be attended by all conference attendees.

The first plenary session features Luk Van Wassenhove who will reflect on Operations Management: Quo Vadis?

For the second plenary session we invited Marco Hendriks (TNT).

In a semi-plenary session Takahiro Fujimoto will discuss An Evolutionary Analysis of Industrial Performance: Capability-Architecture Fit and Locations of Design Sites.

Aleda Roth will lead a panel on Global Manufacturing Country Competitiveness: Insights from global CEOs in a semi-plenary session.

Nigel Slack will talk about Different groups, different teaching: How do we vary style and content?

Erwin Hans will discuss research on Health Care Operations.

Karen Donohue will discuss the applications of Behavioral Operations in Supply Chain Management.

In Meeting the editors high impact, important journals in the Operations Management will be introduced and the editors will discuss their experiences with authors and reviewers.

We invited John Poppelaars, who will talk about Supply Chain Wide Optimization at TNT Express.

Plenary sessions
Speaker Time
Prof. Luk van Wassenhove (INSEAD) Tue July 2, 08.45-09.45
Marco Hendriks (TNT) Wed July 3, 10.30-11.30

Semi-plenary sessions (Tuesday and Wednesday, 14.45-15.45):
Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Aleda Roth
Virtual dual sourcing Takahiro Fujimoto
Health Care Operations Erwin Hans
Behavioral Operations Karen Donohue
Different groups, different teaching:
How do we vary style and content?
Nigel Slack
Meeting the editors Various

Invited sessions

Invited session topic
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Linda Hendry
Improving Operations Sustainability through Organizational and Human Resource Management practices
Rafaella Cagliano
Global Sourcing Management Chung-Yee Lee
Surpassing Toyota Production System Kakuro Amasaka
Service Innovation Case Study: Developing DVDs for Research and Teaching Munehiko Itoh
High performance manufacturing
Yoshiki Matsui
Planning and Scheduling Martin Grunow
Service Operations Aleda Roth
Health care operations management
Urban Wemmerlow
Transportation and Logistics
Hugo Yoshizaki
Humanitarian Operations
Sander de Leeuw
Rapid Modelling in Management Education, Research and Practice
Gerald Reiner
City Logistics
Stefan Spinler
Strategy Cascading in Manufacturing and Service Organizationsí (Technology Management) Arnd Huchzermeier
Operations in Emerging Markets
Edgar Blanco
Operations and Finance Daniel Corsten/Margarita Protopappa-Sieke
Modeling Joint Pricing and Inventory Decisions
Refik Gullu
Assortment models in retail operations Victor Martinez de Albeniz
Supply Chain Management Damien Power
Maintenance and Reliability
Geert-Jan van Houtum
Management Consultancy
Zoe Radnor
Supply Chain Modeling
Stephen Disney
Behavioral Operations Management
Yaozhong Wu
Services Procurement
Finn Wynstra
Global Operations
Krisztina Demeter


City of Amsterdam
World Class Maintenance
TNT Express


University of Amsterdam
Eindhoven University of Technology
University of Groningen
Erasmus University Rotterdam
VU University Amsterdam

This conference is also the 19th International Annual EurOMA Conference

The 4th World P&OM conference is a joint initiative of: